Monday, March 18, 2013

How do you make a kid care?

How do you make a kid care?

I tutor my neighbor, a high school girl, in just about every subject.  We work for 30 minutes to an hour five nights every week on whatever homework she has.  I've been brushing up on my Algebra II, American History, and Spanish III.  Some days I think the work is just as much of a challenge for me as it is for her!

When we're working together, she works hard.  I think it helps her to have someone sitting next to her, encouraging her to give everything a try and to keep trying when she would normally give up.  We work together pretty well, talking things out and laughing at things as we go.

But I've noticed that when she takes test or works on things alone, she tends to slack off.  She gives up more easily, shrugs things off, and neglects to do things altogether.  If no one pushes her, she simply stops caring.

She's going to be applying to colleges soon, so obviously grades are important.  Moreover, she needs to build up a solid work ethic for when she does get into college.

How do you instill that motivation, that drive?  How do you make a kid care?

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  1. You really can't MAKE her. You can discuss it and model what it looks like but she makes the final choice. Some people have to fail before they succeed. Maybe you can share what motivates you.