Friday, March 29, 2013


We tend to make a big deal out of "lasts".  We celebrate or mourn them, but we seem to have a innate desire to recognize them no matter what emotions they evoke.  We have parties when someone retires, graduates, moves - the last time they will ever be a part of a certain community.  We have bachelor and bachelorette parties - the last night being single (kind of).  We rejoice in last payments, and say tearful goodbyes.  We take a moment to watch as these moments pass.

Today, though, I took some time to think about the "lasts" that we don't expect.  The last kiss, not knowing a breakup was coming.  The last day you saw her healthy, not expecting a diagnosis.  The last time you visited a place, not realizing you would never return.  Maybe it's a little sad that it wasn't recognized at the time for what it was.  Then again, maybe not.  Maybe it's better that we treated that moment normally, so we could remember it how it truly was.  It wasn't over-emphasized or forced, it existed in its most natural state.

Does the question of whether or not a last was recognized make difference in its significance?  I'm not sure.  Either way, it seems, lasts are always something to be remembered.


  1. Those unexpected lasts take on a significance don't they...they make our looking back poignant, and all the more so because perhaps we would have lingered longer if we'd only we'd known....

  2. I love this line, "it's sad that we didn't recognize it at the time for what it was," - living in th moment, it sound so simple Ubuntu in reality it is so hard- thanks for this thought provoking post - interesting topic! Take care!

  3. Lasts are the kind of memories you want to hold on to. So true that there significance may vary. Nice slice and topic choice.