Friday, March 22, 2013


I just spent the last couple of hours watching the movie "Here Comes the Boom."  I wouldn't recommend it, especially for someone like me who has zero interest in professional fighting, but I did pull one worthwhile line out of it.

"That's our job as teachers. To inspire." (or something along those lines)

I thought about how hard we work every day to find a way to inspire our kids.  We want to inspire them to read, to write, to work hard.  We find ways to make lessons interesting, we give them chances to do hands-on work, and we encourage them every chance we get.  Yes, it is in our job description to inspire.

But what I love about teaching is the ways those kids inspire me.  They inspire me to work a little harder, to try new things.  They teach me to appreciate the little things and laugh at my mistakes.  They make me laugh and they make me cry, and they attach themselves to my heart in ways I never expected.

It might be my job to inspire, but I think I'm really in the business for the inspiration.


  1. Yes. It is a two-way street. The difference is that we set out to inspire. They just show up, and it happens!

  2. When we give, we most often receive. And with inspiration, that happens most of all. Thanks for these thoughts. They have given me food for thought about where in my life I inspire and am inspired.

  3. I love your reflection here! I completely agree it is all about inspiration and begin driven by it.