Thursday, March 14, 2013

Shaking with Excitement

Lately, I've been getting a good laugh from the things that my first graders find funny.  

Like Culver's night.  The teachers volunteer at the event, and are in charge of delivering the food to the tables.  These kids think that's the best thing in the world to have their teachers set that blue tray on their tables.  I didn't make the food.  I didn't even put the food on the tray.  Literally all I did was take the tray from the Culver's man and find the matching number, and my kiddos were literally shaking with excitement as I approached their tables!

And like today.  We had a mini walk-a-thon during P.E. to show support for a teacher with cancer.  I spent a half hour with my kids, walking in a circle around the gym and rocking out to some fun music with them.  One kid was actually rolling on the floor laughing at my dance moves.  I was doing the cha-cha slide.  It's not like anyone can look much more ridiculous than anyone else doing that dance.  But they thought it was great that I was there and participating!

So here's my thought.  I'm going to start looking at the things that happen every day through the eyes of a first grader.  I'm going to get excited about the little things.  I'm going to tremble with excitement about the fact that we had a PJ day today.  I'm going to laugh out loud at my mom's silly jokes.  I'm going to bust out the best dance moves when my favorite One Direction song comes on the radio (I wish I was kidding with that one).

I noticed that it's easy to let the little things drag us down, but we often wait for the big things to bring us up.  Big things don't happen that often.  I wish they did, but they don't.  We'd have much better luck  counting the many good little things that happen every day.  It's time to start noticing them.


  1. This was so well put--the little things do matter, and I need to start noticing them, too.

    I'm so happy I read this slice today--I needed it. Thank you.

  2. You are very right, the little things matter and sometimes beg to be noticed. When you do notice them the pay off is great.

  3. A great slice to keep us looking for the good little things everyday, like a friend giving you 2 black markers! I love PJ day and we haven't had one this year. Keep noticing and writing about the little things.