Friday, March 1, 2013


Well this blank page is pretty terrifying.

I'm about to start slicing for the first time, and I'm really not at all sure I can do this.  In fact, I'm pretty positive I can't.  I barely have time for the things already in my schedule (let's face it, a run is probably not happening until about midnight).  Now I'm going to add to it?

Then again...there was a lot I thought I would never be able to do.

Day 1 of Kindergarten.  I came home furious.  "Dad, I just wanna know how to read!"  They hadn't taught me on the first day!  The nerve!  As far as Kindergarten me was concerned, I would never learn how to read.
My family moved when I was in elementary school.  I assured my second grade friends I would never forget them.
Mom grounded me in middle school.  I was never going to forgive her for that.
High school.  Never going to pass Calculus.
College.  Never going to be that girl that gave up and changed her major.

Turns out...
I'm currently making my way through a 600 page book.
I can't even name two people from that second grade class.
Mom and I are the best of friends.
I squeaked by with a C in Calculus.
And I did change my major in college.

Good thing I didn't change my major to fortune telling.
I've been wrong before, more times than I would care to admit.

Might as well keep the streak going.


  1. Your post made me laugh! Amazing how we end up doing those things we are "never" going to do! This is my fourth or fifth year of slicing, and every year I wonder whether I will be able to pull it off. I think the trick is just one day at a time, and if you miss a day, you just start again the next day. Plus you meet so, so many nice people! Good luck!

  2. Great words! I too changed my major in college, third time was a charm. Your memory about being upset that you did not learn to read the first day of kindergarten reminded me of the story character, Ramona. She has the same issue with her first days of school. I loved reading Ramona stories as a kid. I am so happy to welcome you to this challenge and visit you each day. No pressure to create a masterpiece but I am pretty sure you will once again surprise yourself. :)